Credits & Thank Yous


Samuel Momodu, Historian
Kevin Brooks — Act Like It
Margaret J. Baxter — The Boxes
Dasan Ahanu (v) – “To My People of Ash and Soot”
Ayanna Albertson (v) – “Sacraficial Offering”
CT Romeo – “Moses Pt. 1 & 2 under Poets”
Brandon Evans — “Gospel”
Boris “Bluz” Rogers — “Overboard”
Ashley Lumpkin — “BloddySunday”
El’Ja — “Black”
Jarrett Robertson (P)
Christian Smooth (P)
Terry Boddie (A)
Drew Koritzer (P)
KidNoble (P)
Nick Davis (A)
Additional Thank You’s
Chris Gipple, Illustrator + Designer
Patrick Douthit, Producer/DJ, Jamla Records
Eboné McCloud, Good Thoughts Tea Co.
$wankShotIt, Videographer
PhotoFred, Photographer
Ciara Mason, Visual Director
OROB Founders
Erica Nicole, Editor & Curator
Darin Michelle Gilliam, Creative Director & Designer
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